Head Into the Holidays and 2023 With Whiter Teeth. Visit a League City Dentist.

Head Into the Holidays and 2023 With Whiter Teeth. Visit a League City Dentist.

The holidays are a time for family gatherings and exciting parties. Look and feel your best by getting a professional whitening treatment. While over-the-counter whitening products are generally effective, they offer a “one size fits all” approach. At Autumn Family Dentistry, we provide a personalized whitening procedure. Our League City dentist will recommend the best bleaching treatment suitable to your needs. Read on to know what to expect from our clinic.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Achieve a brighter smile this holiday season through League City teeth whitening. You’ll not only look good, but you’ll feel more confident as well. Patients who are fond of coffee and tea are prone to yellowing of teeth. They may also notice unsightly stains on the teeth. These can be addressed through in-office teeth whitening. The procedure is quick, and the results are successful. Dental bleaching is one of the most requested treatments at our clinic because it is effective. You’ll enjoy an enhanced appearance and be more prone to good oral health.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

At our clinic, we offer a bleaching method tailored to your severity of discoloration, lifestyle, and dental history. Our League City dentist will show you a tooth shade chart to set your whitening goals. They will then place protective barriers around your gums. A potent, highly concentrated bleaching gel is applied on your upper and lower teeth’s surfaces. To activate the gel, we use a LED whitening-acceleration lamp. This method lightens the teeth more effectively than the gel alone. Your dentist will then show you the chart again to compare if you achieved the desired results.

What to Expect After the Procedure

In-office teeth whitening usually lasts for an hour, so it doesn’t take up much of your day. During this time, you can sit back, relax, and watch shows on our ceiling monitors. The bleach does not damage your teeth, but you may feel sensitivity during and after. You may be asked to use desensitizing toothpaste in preparation for your visit. After the procedure, your League City dentist will discuss all the dos and don’ts with you for post-whitening care. We also offer at-home bleaching trays for touch-ups. You’ll be ready to meet your friends over the holidays and well into the new year.

Visit a League City Dentist Today for Whiter Teeth

Autumn Family Dentistry believes that a healthy smile is always in season. Celebrate the new year with more confidence and an appealing look. Our friendly, modern, and family-owned dental clinic is open to serve you this holiday season. We offer comprehensive family dentistry, including teeth whitening, all under one roof. Our top-rated League City dentist will provide you with the treatment you need while educating you. This ensures that your oral health is in top shape even after you step out of our clinic. Book an appointment at our beautiful, convenient facility today. We look forward to serving you!

Book Your Last Dental Appointment of the Year With a League City Family Dentist

Book Your Last Dental Appointment of the Year With a League City Family Dentist

As the year comes to an end, you might be thinking of booking your final dental appointment. Most dental insurance plans don’t roll over to the new year, which is why now is the best time to visit a League City family dentist. Good oral health is important for overall wellness. If you’re thinking of booking a treatment for you or your child, here are the services you can get.

Types of Dental Services You Can Book

Autumn Family Dentistry offers a wide range of dental services under one roof. We cover all the bases of dentistry, including:

  • Preventive dentistry - Promoting good oral hygiene is a priority at our clinic. Sometimes, brushing at home isn’t enough. We recommend dental cleaning every 6 months to prevent cavities and tooth decay. We also offer X-rays and imaging to detect dental issues that we can then treat.
  • Restorative treatment - Plaque and tartar buildup can lead to tooth decay. In some cases, dental implants are needed to solve the issue. We offer dental crowns, bridges, and dentures. You can also book our League City dentist for root canals.
  • Cosmetic enhancement - Achieving a perfect smile needs a bit of help sometimes. Boost your confidence with treatments such as teeth whitening, veneers, and lumineers. We also have excellent orthodontists for your braces and invisalign needs. 
  • Oral surgery - Dental emergencies can happen anytime. We are experienced in dental surgeries to treat different injuries and accidents. If you need tooth extraction and wisdom tooth removal, we’ve got a fully equipped clinic at your disposal.
  • Sedation - Some patients have anxiety about going to a League City family dentist. We perform mild sedation using medication to reduce your stress. The goal is to keep you relaxed and conscious during your treatment. We also have deep sedation for some oral surgeries.

Why Choose Us?

We have a beautiful, convenient facility that has all the equipment needed to address your dental concerns. Our modern office is run by friendly, efficient staff committed to making your dental experience positive and stress-free. We serve patients of all ages, whether your child needs dental cleaning or you need cosmetic dentistry. Our guarantee is that we stand behind our work 100% of the time. As a locally owned clinic, we promote a judgment-free zone.

Schedule Your Dental Treatment With a League City Family Dentist

At Autumn Family Dentistry, we believe that a healthy smile is always in season. We offer comprehensive family dentistry to patients of all ages. Our top-rated League City family dentist is dedicated to providing you with utmost dental care while making you feel comfortable. Ask us about our dental specials. We also accept different types of dental insurance. Book a restorative treatment or cosmetic procedure with us today before the year ends! We look forward to serving you.

Protect Your Child’s Teeth from Cavities this Thanksgiving

Protect Your Child’s Teeth from Cavities this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time of family, fellowship, and—of course—food, but that indulgence can come with a price if we don’t take the necessary steps to prevent problems that arise from sugary holiday staples. Our League City family dentist sees an influx of patients with issues like cavities this time of year, often stemming from too many sweets and lax adherence to dental hygiene routines. We want all our patients to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday without worrying for their dental health, which is why we’re eager to share our tips for protecting your child’s teeth from cavities during the holidays. At Autumn Family Dentistry, we believe a healthy smile is always in season!

Our League City Dentist’s Tips To Avoid Cavities

During the holidays and beyond, proper dental hygiene is the most effective way to prevent issues like cavities. Brushing, flossing, and regular visits to our League City family dentist will ensure you and your child’s teeth are healthy all year. Given the added stress of sugary treats at Thanksgiving, however, there are additional suggestions that can keep tooth decay at bay. Our League City dentist recommends the following:

Enjoy Sugary Treats in Moderation

It’s hard to avoid the indulgence of candy and other junk food during the holiday season, so if you and your family decide to enjoy a slice of pumpkin pie or a mug of hot cocoa, do so in moderation. If your child is undergoing League City dental braces treatment, it’s especially important to limit the intake of foods that can easily get stuck under wires or between brackets, as this can cause decay and lengthen the time your child will need to wear dental braces.

Avoid Sticky or Hard Sweets, Especially with Dental Braces

Certain sweets, like hard candy, can crack or chip already weakened teeth, and super-sticky candy can pull existing fillings from teeth. And if you or your child have League City dental braces, these items are notorious for dislodging brackets and wires, interfering with your orthodontic treatment and requiring an extra trip to our League City dentist.

Brush and Floss Immediately After Consuming Sweets

Sugar causes damage to your teeth by eating away at the enamel, which can cause decay that requires treatment by our League City family dentist. The longer sugar sits on your teeth, the more likely it is for this damage to occur. It’s important to brush teeth immediately after consuming sugary items in order to remove sugar from the teeth’s surface to keep them strong and healthy. The same goes for flossing, as food can easily become lodged in between teeth, causing similar decay that is more difficult to treat.

Use a Fluoridated Mouthwash

After brushing and flossing teeth, a fluoridated mouthwash can not only help clear any remaining debris, but also strengthen teeth thanks to the added fluoride. 

Visit our League City Dentist Regularly

Twice-yearly visits to our League City dentist are the best way to prevent cavities, as professional cleanings and fluoride treatments strengthen and protect you and your family’s teeth.

Our League City Family Dentist Can Prevent and Treat Cavities 

While these helpful tips can protect your teeth from decay, sometimes our League City dentist still finds cavities that need to be treated. Thankfully, your child is in good hands with our League City family dentist. Your child’s cavity can be filled in our office with a simple procedure. We begin by applying numbing medicine to the tooth and gums in order to ensure comfort while the dentist uses a small drill to remove the decay from the tooth. Then our League City dentist will fill the tooth to protect it and prevent further issues. 

Schedule Your Child’s Cleaning with Our League City Dentist This Holiday Season

If you want to make sure your child’s teeth are strong and healthy after Thanksgiving indulgence, call us today to schedule an appointment. Our beautiful, convenient facilities are located around the Houston area, making it easier than ever for your entire family to maintain beautiful smiles. We look forward to providing you with comprehensive family dentistry!

Use Your Dental Insurance With a League City Family Dentist Before the Year Ends

Use Your Dental Insurance With a League City Family Dentist Before the Year Ends

Insurance plans are big commitments that people make. Don’t lose your hard-earned dollars — make sure to use your dental plan before the year ends. Most insurance plans have a benefit deadline of December 31 annually. This means that unused benefits won’t carry over to the new year. Maximize the benefits you deserve. Book an appointment with a League City family dentist before the start of another year. Here are some tips to make the most out of your dental insurance.

Dental Insurance Terms You Should Know

If you have dental insurance, it is most likely under a private account or your employer. It is important to know the basics of your policy to help you live your life with less worry.

  • Yearly maximum - This refers to the maximum amount you are entitled to every year. Your insurance company will pay for dental services equivalent to your yearly maximum.
  • Deductible - This is the out-of-pocket expense you will pay your League City dentist before the insurance company covers the cost. The deductible will also restart every year.
  • Premium - This is the monthly or yearly payments you make to your insurance company.  By paying your premiums diligently, you can get the benefits you deserve.

Schedule Your Appointment Early

Don’t wait until the last months of the year to schedule an appointment with your League City family dentist. If you have kids covered by your plan, take them for dental visits before school starts. This way you can avoid the holiday rush. It’s better to be in good oral health before the holidays start. It’s also a good idea to have ample time to use your dental benefits. You never know what treatments you may need. Don’t risk last-minute dental trips. Make sure to maximize your insurance plan before the year ends.

Save Money With Preventive Oral Care

The saying “prevention is better than cure” definitely applies to dental health. As your dentist will tell you, dental problems can worsen over time. You can avoid serious teeth and gum issues with regular cleaning. Preventive checkups with your dentist are also a must. They will be able to assess your needs to create a treatment plan for the year. Afterall, these services are usually covered by your insurance. Why spend tens of thousands of dollars in the long run when you can have simple preventive treatments? You paid for these services through your insurance plan, so it’s best to take advantage of them.

Visit Our League City Family Dentist Today

Still have unused benefits from your dental insurance? Don’t worry because Autumn Family Dentistry accepts all PPO dental insurance plans and children's Medicaid plans. We believe that a healthy smile is always in season. At our friendly, modern, and family-owned office, your dental needs are our priority. We offer comprehensive dental services under one beautiful and convenient facility. Our top-rated League City dentist offers everything from preventive care to restorative services. Request an appointment with us today before your dental insurance expires!

Are Retainers Necessary After Dental Braces From a League City Family Dentist?

Are Retainers Necessary After Dental Braces From a League City Family Dentist?

Getting your braces off after years of being bonded to it is an exciting feeling. The grand reveal makes all the trips to your League City family dentist worthwhile. Each bracket will be carefully removed. Your teeth will be cleaned to make sure no cement residue is left. After which, you are left with a beautiful smile. So what now? The next phase of your dental treatment are dental retainers. They are absolutely necessary to keep your teeth straight after braces.

The Importance of Retainers After Braces

After treatment with dental braces, your teeth have not yet fully set in. They have new positions that they need to get used to first. This is where retainers come in. They make sure the years you spent with League City dental braces don’t go to waste. Even though you have perfect teeth now, it may not be the case if you don’t wear your retainers. They keep your teeth aligned and your bite corrected. 

Types of Retainers

Retainers are available as removable and fixed types. For the removable retainers, you can take them off when you’re brushing your teeth or eating. They also come in handy when you need to take important photos. You won’t be able to do this with the fixed-type of retainers. However, they are installed in an unobtrusive spot in your mouth, usually behind the teeth. The advantage is that you’ll never forget or lose them.

How Long Should You Wear Retainers?

Your League City family dentist will determine how long you should wear retainers. The length would depend on your age, number of years with braces, and severity of your condition. Your League City dentist may ask you to wear retainers anywhere from months to years. You need to come in for regular visits to make sure everything is in place. Your dentist will determine if you can start wearing retainers only during bedtime.

Keeping Your Retainers Clean

Always keep your retainers in a case when you’re not using them. Keep this case accessible to you at all times. Your dentist may prescribe a cleaning method for you. They may ask you to clean it with a brush or towel. You may also be directed to soak it in a denture cleaner. Keep your retainers away from extreme heat, pets, and children.

Visit Your League City Family Dentist Today

Ensure your dental treatment is successful by wearing retainers from Autumn Family Dentistry. We believe that a healthy smile is always in season. We provide comprehensive family dentistry, from restorative to esthetic services, all under one roof. Our friendly, modern, and family-owned office provides a pleasant experience to everyone. You can bring your whole family in for a checkup. Our convenient facility maximizes safety and comfort. Call us today for questions on dental retainers. We look forward to serving you.