Young League City family dentist patient with a toothache caused by wisdom teeth

Wisdom Teeth Extraction At Our League City Dentist

Wisdom teeth typically emerge between ages 17 and 21. In some cases, though, we have had patients whose wisdom teeth begin to emerge as early as 14 years old. In this case, our League City family dentists may recommend extraction/removal as soon as possible. In this article, our League City family dentist will explain what wisdom teeth are and why we recommend they be extracted.

What Is A Wisdom Tooth?

A wisdom tooth is essentially a third set of molars. Humans have two sets of molars, making this molar extra and unnecessary. Our League City family dentists have treated patients with all four wisdom teeth, as well as just one or two of them.

Why Do Humans Have Wisdom Teeth If They’re Not Necessary?

At one point, these extra teeth were actually quite helpful to humans. They allowed us to tear through our rough food before we used eating utensils and proper cooking methods. These days, however, we have to cook our food thoroughly so it is much softer for us to chew and we have silverware to help cut our food.

It is believed that as new generations of humans emerge, we will eventually evolve to the point where we don’t have wisdom teeth anymore. Even these days, not all of our patients have their third set of molars.

Why Our League City Family Dentist Recommends Removing Your Wisdom Teeth

Though they may not seem like a big deal, wisdom teeth actually cause a number of problems with your dental health. Teeth naturally emerge in a way that fits your jaw, so in trying to fit along your jaw, wisdom teeth tend to emerge at an angle, which results in: 

  • Crooked Teeth (and the need for dental braces)
  • Tooth Decay (cavities)
  • Painful Cysts

Is Your Child Feeling Pain In Their Jaw? It Might Be From Their Wisdom Teeth!

The most noticeable sign that your wisdom teeth are ready to emerge is if you feel an ache at the back of your jaw. If you (or your child) are complaining about this, we will get some x-rays done to determine if the cause is, in fact, wisdom teeth. Please request an appointment with our League City family dentists so we can address yours or your family members' concerns and determine if we need to remove their wisdom teeth.