Veneers / Lumineers

Do you look in the mirror, smile, and hate what you see? You aren’t alone. Disliking your smile is an extremely common problem, as there are all sorts of smile issues. Fortunately, you do not have to live with a smile that makes you unhappy. Veneers and Lumineers are two types of cosmetic dentistry treatments capable of fixing almost any smile issue.



These thin shells are the same color as your teeth, which allows them to cover damaged or stained teeth flawlessly. They allow dentists to alter not only the color of your tooth, but also the shape, length, and size. Veneers are also an option for patients with teeth that are slightly crooked but not crooked enough to require braces. Veneers do require a small amount of enamel removal and reshaping to ensure a perfect match and fit.


Lumineers are like veneers, but they are a little less invasive, as they don’t require any removal or reshaping of the enamel. Lumineers are also incredibly thin, like a contact lens. Since Lumineers do not require any enamel removal, the application process usually takes only one visit. The main drawback of Lumineers is that they are bulkier than veneers.


What Dental Issues Do Veneers and Lumineers Fix?

Both veneers and Lumineers are a great option for a variety of dental issues, including:

  • Yellowing teeth

  • Chipped teeth

  • Gaps between teeth

  • Uneven teeth

  • Tooth decay

  • Tooth loss

  • Jaw issues

  • Abnormal enamel damage

Where Do You Start?

You can start by giving us a call to schedule an appointment for a consultation. Sit down with a member of our dental team, and discuss what you do and do not like about your smile. Then, we can go over your options and figure out what would work best for your needs. 

You deserve a smile you can love, and we want to help you. Make an appointment today.