Root Canals

Your teeth should last for the rest of your life. A while back in dental history, dentists extracted (pulled) diseased, damaged, and injured teeth. The teeth were no longer good for the patient, and there was nothing the dentist could do to fix them. Today, a root canal treatment offers the opportunity to save the tooth.

What Does the Treatment Involve?

A root canal treatment can happen in one or several dental visits. Your dentist will perform the following steps during the treatment:

Step 1

The dentist will numb your tooth to keep you comfortable during the procedure. Then, the dentist will place a thin latex cover on top of the tooth so it stays dry. Finally, the dentist will make an opening in the dental crown to gain access to the dental pulp chamber.

Step 2

Your dentist will remove the pulp (your tooth’s nerve) from the pulp chamber and will replace it with a root. The dentist may apply medication to prevent the growth of bacteria to the pulp chamber.

Step 3

The dentist will fill the root canal with a rubber material to seal it. Finally, the dentist will place a temporary filling on the tooth to protect the canal from contamination.

What Should You Expect?

Although having a root canal might sound scary, it’s not much worse than a routine filling. With the use of safe and effective types of sedation, we can ensure a comfortable procedure with little to no pain. After your procedure, you should care for it as you would any of your teeth. You shouldn’t experience any pain after the root canal, but if you do, just give us a call.

If you’re still nervous about having a root canal, give us a call. One of our nurses can discuss the procedure with you further and address any concerns you may have. 

Don’t let your dental issues get out of control. Call today to schedule a root canal, and let us save your teeth.