Teenage girl points to bright smile after league city teeth whitening for teens

Your Teen Can Get Teeth Whitening with Our League City Dentist

Our League City pediatric dentist often receives questions from teenage patients regarding what age patients can begin League City teeth whitening. There are a number of factors that may determine whether or not your teen can begin professional teeth whitening in our League City kids dentist’s office, as long as certain precautions are taken to protect a younger patient’s teeth and gums, which tend to be more sensitive than those of an adult. In this article, our League City dentist explains teeth whitening for teens and how to determine the best course of treatment for your child.

Our League City Pediatric Dentist Provides Teeth Whitening Options for Teens

While teens can begin receiving professional teeth whitening beginning at age 13, there are many factors that may impact when your child should begin this treatment. Our League City kids dentist recommends that your child has completed any orthodontic treatments and that all adult teeth have emerged before beginning teeth whitening for teens. That’s because baby teeth are more sensitive than adult teeth and the whitening procedure can be uncomfortable if performed on baby teeth. For this reason, our League City pediatric dentist will perform teeth whitening procedures on adult teeth only, except for rare cases in which there is a noticeable stain or discoloration.

The Teeth Whitening for Teens Procedure With Our League City Kids Dentist

If your teen has been given the green light to begin professional League City teeth whitening, it begins with a consultation with our League City Dentist. We will first confirm that your child’s teeth are strong and healthy enough for the procedure and that the right shade has been selected. Teens tend to want the whitest and brightest shade available, but that doesn’t always look natural or compliment your child’s skin tone. Furthermore, the whiter the shade desired, the longer the bleaching agent stays on the tooth’s surface, leading to the potential for increased sensitivity. Before the bleaching agent is applied and activated, your teen’s teeth will be polished to ensure even results. Once the bleaching agent is thoroughly rinsed, our League City pediatric dentist will take care to make sure there is no lingering sensitivity, as this is more likely in younger patients. 

Our League City Dentist Says Avoid DIY Teeth Whitening Options

At-home teeth whitening options are becoming more and more popular, but our League City pediatric dentist highly recommends patients steer clear of these products, as they can be damaging to your child’s teeth. Most DIY teeth whitening options available in drugstores come in strips and gels that not only contain harsh chemicals that are known to cause pain and sensitivity, especially for teens, but they’re results are only temporary. Because we specialize in effective teeth whitening methods in a closely-monitored, professional environment, your best bet for safe and successful teeth whitening for teens is to schedule a visit to our League City kids dentist instead.

Schedule Teeth Whitening for Teens With Autumn Today!

Our League City dentist wants everyone in your family to embrace the confidence that comes from flashing a whiter, brighter smile. If you have questions about League City teeth whitening for teens, call our office to schedule your child’s consultation. Our League City kids dentist can determine if your teen is a good candidate for teeth whitening and if any other dental procedures may need to be performed first. We look forward to meeting with you and your teen!