League city family dentist offering teeth whitening for teenagers

Teens Can Get Teeth Whitening at Our League City Dentist

Everyone wants a whiter, brighter smile, especially for the holidays, but at what age can patients begin League City teeth whitening? Our League City family dentist receives a number of requests from their teenage patients for professional teeth whitening, which is possible in a number of circumstances. Keep reading to learn if your child is a good candidate for teeth whitening for teens.

Our League City Dentist Offers Teeth Whitening for Teens

Teens as young as 13 can receive League City teeth whitening, but there are a number of other factors to consider before making that decision. First, it’s wise to ensure that your child has completed any orthodontic treatments and that all adult teeth have emerged. Baby teeth tend to be more sensitive than adult teeth and the whitening procedure, therefore, can be uncomfortable if performed on baby teeth.

In-Office Teeth Whitening for Teens is Safer and More Effective Than At-Home Options

One trip down the dental care aisle of your local drugstore will show you the sheer number of at-home, do-it-yourself teeth whitening products. While these may seem like viable options, our League City family dentist highly recommends patients steer clear of these potentially dangerous products. These strips and gels not only contain harsh chemicals that are known to cause pain and sensitivity, especially for teens, but they do not offer long-lasting results. Your best bet for safe and successful teeth whitening for teens is a visit to our League City dentist, where we specialize in effective whitening methods performed by dental professionals. 

The Process of Teeth Whitening for Teens With Our League City Family Dentist

If your child has decided to undergo professional League City teeth whitening, it begins with a consultation with our League City Dentist, during which we will confirm that your child’s teeth are ready for the procedure, as well as pick the right shade of white they hope to achieve. Then, your teen’s teeth will be polished before the bleaching agent is applied to the teeth’s surface. Once this bleaching agent is activated, it will remain on the teeth until the desired level of whiteness has been reached before it is rinsed thoroughly. Our League City Family Dentist will then ensure there is no lingering sensitivity due to the bleaching agent, as sometimes younger patients experience more sensitivity than adults. 

Schedule Your Appointment With Our League City Family Dentist Today!

At Autumn Family Dentistry, we want you and your family to have a whiter, brighter smile for years to come. If your child is interested in League City teeth whitening for teens, call our office to schedule your consultation. Our League City dentist can determine if your teen is a good candidate for teeth whitening and if any other dental procedures may need to be performed first. Our friendly, family-owned office features modern amenities that will make you and your child feel at ease and one step closer to a healthier smile.