A bowl of Halloween candy and a toothbrush

Protect Your Child's Teeth From Cavities This Halloween With the Help of a League City Dentist

Halloween is an exciting time for any child. They get to dress up in fun costumes and eat delicious candy. A lot of parents are worried about all the sugary treats their child consumes on this holiday. As a parent, you can let your kids enjoy themselves while still putting their oral health first. Autumn Family Dentistry has some tips for you so your child doesn’t have to miss Halloween. We believe that a healthy smile is always in season. As long as you’re mindful of their eating habits, you can protect your little one with the help of a League City dentist. 

Know Which Kinds of Candy Are Healthier

Not all treats are created equally. Some are more harmful to the teeth than others. Sticky candy, such as caramel, taffy, and gummy bears stay on the teeth longer. The chewier a treat is, the higher the chances of it causing cavities. Once it sticks to the teeth longer than normal, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Hard candy can also be bad for the teeth. Because they take longer to eat, your child’s sugar time is extended. Finally, sour candy is more acidic. Acid can damage the enamel and cause plaque and tartar. Knowing which type of candy to give your kids lessens their risk of tooth decay.

Time Your Child’s Consumption of Candy

The best time to give your kid treats is after mealtime. Never let them consume candy all day as they please. Letting them eat Halloween candy before a meal will ruin their appetite. Give them sweet snacks after a meal so you can tell them to brush their teeth straight after. Creating healthy oral habits will lessen the risk of cavities. Strike up a deal with them that they can eat candy as long as they floss and brush afterward. It will also help if they just ate a meal rich in fiber to keep their teeth strong.

Schedule a Visit With Your Dentist

When in doubt, it’s always best to consult with a League City dentist. Autumn Family Dentistry is a friendly, modern, and family-owned dental clinic. We offer comprehensive family dentistry to keep your child safe all year round, especially during Halloween. Whether you need restorative or esthetic dental services, our League City family dentist has you covered. After consuming all that candy, it’s ideal to have a dental cleaning. Our top-rated League City pediatric dentist will also educate your child on proper oral hygiene.

Book an Appointment With a League City Dentist

Autumn Family Dentistry provides dental care for the entire family, all under one roof! We serve patients of all ages, even as young as infants and toddlers. This Halloween season, make sure your kids are protected from tooth decay. Schedule an appointment with our League City dentist today!