Root Canals by Our League City Family Dentist

Root Canals by Our League City Family Dentist

A root canal is a procedure that your League City Dentist performs when an infection is present that threatens the health of the tooth. In the past, dentists often had to extract, or pull, infected or damaged teeth, but a root canal saves the tooth and protects it from reinfection.

Reasons Your League City Family Dentist May Perform a Root Canal

Root canal treatment is performed when your League City family dentist notices that the pulp, which is the soft tissue that lies inside the tooth, becomes infected or inflamed from bacteria or injury. If our League City dentist or League City pediatric dentist necessitates root canal treatment, it could be due to severe decay, a cracked or chipped tooth, or a failing crown. 

If you notice any of the following, they are signs that our League City dentist may need to perform a root canal:

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold food and drink
  • Swelling or tenderness along the gumline
  • Severe pain upon chewing or biting
  • Darkening of the tooth

What You Can Expect During a Root Canal Procedure From Our League City Dentist

The term “root canal” often invokes fear and anxiety in patients, but most people claim the procedure doesn’t feel much different than a routine filling. If you are directed to schedule root canal treatment with our League City dentist, here’s what you can expect during the procedure:

  • Step 1: Your tooth will be numbed by local anesthesia to keep you comfortable. Then we'll place a latex shield on the tooth to keep it dry and free from saliva. Our League City dentist will then make an opening in the crown of the tooth to access the pulp below.
  • Step 2: Our League City dentist will remove the pulp, along with any bacteria and debris, from the tooth. The dentist may apply medication to prevent reinfection.
  • Step 3: The root canal is sealed and then a temporary filling is placed on the crown to protect the tooth as it heals. 

The Benefits of a Root Canal From Our League City Family Dentist

You shouldn’t experience any pain following root canal treatment; in fact, most patients are thrilled to learn the pain they experienced before the procedure is gone. Because root canals remove bacteria from an infected tooth, this results in less discomfort, inflammation, and sensitivity. The procedure also saves your tooth from extraction and protects it from future infection. 

When Should You Ask Our League City Dentist About Root Canals at Autumn Family Dentistry? 

If you are experiencing pain, sensitivity, or have a cracked or chipped tooth, it’s time to contact Autumn Family Dentistry by calling (281) 626-5631 today to save your teeth and your smile. We’ll help you request an appointment with our League City dentist for yourself, or our League City pediatric dentist for your children and ensure the lasting health of your teeth. 

Wisdom Teeth Extraction At Our League City Dentist

Wisdom Teeth Extraction At Our League City Dentist

Wisdom teeth typically emerge between ages 17 and 21. In some cases, though, we have had patients whose wisdom teeth begin to emerge as early as 14 years old. In this case, our League City family dentists may recommend extraction/removal as soon as possible. In this article, our League City family dentist will explain what wisdom teeth are and why we recommend they be extracted.

What Is A Wisdom Tooth?

A wisdom tooth is essentially a third set of molars. Humans have two sets of molars, making this molar extra and unnecessary. Our League City family dentists have treated patients with all four wisdom teeth, as well as just one or two of them.

Why Do Humans Have Wisdom Teeth If They’re Not Necessary?

At one point, these extra teeth were actually quite helpful to humans. They allowed us to tear through our rough food before we used eating utensils and proper cooking methods. These days, however, we have to cook our food thoroughly so it is much softer for us to chew and we have silverware to help cut our food.

It is believed that as new generations of humans emerge, we will eventually evolve to the point where we don’t have wisdom teeth anymore. Even these days, not all of our patients have their third set of molars.

Why Our League City Family Dentist Recommends Removing Your Wisdom Teeth

Though they may not seem like a big deal, wisdom teeth actually cause a number of problems with your dental health. Teeth naturally emerge in a way that fits your jaw, so in trying to fit along your jaw, wisdom teeth tend to emerge at an angle, which results in: 

  • Crooked Teeth (and the need for dental braces)
  • Tooth Decay (cavities)
  • Painful Cysts

Is Your Child Feeling Pain In Their Jaw? It Might Be From Their Wisdom Teeth!

The most noticeable sign that your wisdom teeth are ready to emerge is if you feel an ache at the back of your jaw. If you (or your child) are complaining about this, we will get some x-rays done to determine if the cause is, in fact, wisdom teeth. Please request an appointment with our League City family dentists so we can address yours or your family members' concerns and determine if we need to remove their wisdom teeth.

Our League City Dentist Offers Dental Braces For Kids

Our League City Dentist Offers Dental Braces For Kids

As a multi-specialty family dentist in League City, we are fully equipped and trained to provide your child with dental braces and Invisalign treatment. But, how old does your child need to be in order to get dental braces at our League City family dentist? Here’s what we recommend.

Take Advantage Of Your Child’s Young Teeth

Although patients of all ages can benefit from Invisalign or dental braces, we recommend taking advantage of the fact that your child is still growing. This means that their jaws are still developing and are far more moldable. Think about it: adults' jaws and teeth have long settled into their position, so even though they can also get braces or Invisalign, treatment goes by a lot faster in children.

When To Start Asking Our League City Family Dentist About Dental Braces And Invisalign

At any point between the ages of 8 and 14 is a great time to discuss dental braces. At this age, kids have already lost most or all of their baby teeth and we can determine the way their teeth and jaw will develop and how dental braces can guide their teeth to the correct alignment. Simply put, the earlier they get dental braces, the better habits they can keep up, and the sooner they will get to enjoy a gorgeous smile that’s always in season.

Our League City Family Dentists Will Determine Whether Invisalign Or Braces Are Right For Your Child

As your family dentist, we take great pride in caring for all the smiles in your family for life! If you’ve been a patient of ours for a while, then we have likely already briefly talked about braces with your child. If not, don’t worry! Once we have a braces consultation, we will gather any information we need (such as x-rays and impressions) to determine if Invisalign or metal dental braces are the right fit for your child. If you think your child may need dental braces or Invisalign soon, please request an appointment with us so we can assess your child’s bite and determine what may be the best course of treatment to give them a beautifully (and correctly) aligned smile!

Book Your League City Dental Check-Up This Summer

Book Your League City Dental Check-Up This Summer

Did you know you should visit your family dentist every 6 months? Some patients require more frequent visits, but in general, getting a dental check-up twice a year is a great way to maintain and encourage good oral health. As your kids approach summer break, now is a great time to book a dental check-up with our League City family dentist. Here’s what you can expect and why a check-up every 6 months is crucial!

What Happens At Your Family’s Dental Check-Ups With Our League City Family Dentist

A dental check-up at our League City family dentist office consists of x-rays (which are done once a year), a thorough dental cleaning, and then a dental examination. By visiting our dentists for your bi-annual check-up, we can ensure that everyone in your family has a healthy smile and address any health concerns we might find. 

A Dental Check-Up Every Six Months Is The Only Way We Can Track The Development Of Your Child’s Teeth

Regular dental check-ups are especially important for children as they learn how to maintain a proper oral health routine. Since their teeth are still developing, this also gives our League City family dentist the opportunity to check that their teeth are developing and emerging as they should. If they aren’t, we can address the underlying issues in a timely manner.

Our League City Dentist Office Offers A Deeper Clean Than At Home

Even if you and your children have a good hygiene routine down, complete with brushing and flossing correctly, the fact is that your toothbrush and floss cannot get all the plaque that naturally builds up over time. With our professional and modern tools, a dental cleaning at our League City dentist office helps us clean those hard-to-reach areas.

A Check-Up With Our League City Dentist Is A Great Preventative Measure

Once your teeth have been adequately cleaned, our League City dentist will proceed with a dental examination. During your exam, we will take a close look at your bite and see if your mouth exhibits any signs of illness, such as cancers, diabetes, or even cardiovascular disease. This is critical if an illness that requires early intervention/treatment is discovered. 

A Smile Is Always In Season At Our League City Family Dentist!

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of getting regular dental check-ups with our League City dentist, please request an appointment with us this summer so we can make sure your's and your family’s teeth are as healthy as can be!

Autumn Family Dentistry Is Your Family's Top Quality League City Dentist

Autumn Family Dentistry Is Your Family's Top Quality League City Dentist

Dental health is another component of your overall physical health that must be taken seriously. Just because you brush your teeth every day doesn’t necessarily mean your dental health is optimal–but that’s okay! That’s what we’re here for. Rather than you going to one dentist and your kids going to another, Autumn Dentistry in League City can treat your entire family! 

Experienced Pediatric Dentists

Kids should start seeing a dentist as early as 6 months old, which is around the age at which their teeth begin to erupt. By taking your infant to the dentist, you can meet us and we can work on developing a trusted relationship with you and your child. Further, our League City pediatric dentist can check that your child’s teeth are erupting as they should and offer advice on how to best take care of their teeth as they get older.

Kids have unique needs and may need specialized dental care, which is why it’s imperative that you visit a dentist with extensive training and experience in pediatric dentistry. Our League City family dentists know how to communicate with children and can better understand their psychology in a way that enables us to provide only the highest quality care.

Restorative And Cosmetic Dentistry

A smile is always in season, and we take pride in helping our patients achieve a healthy smile they can feel confident in. If you’re missing any teeth and/or want to improve your smile’s appearance, our League City dentist also offers various restorative and cosmetic dental procedures, such as:

  • Dental implants
  • Dental veneers/lumineers
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental bridges
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental braces
  • Invisalign, and more!

Modern Dental Technology

The top-quality dental care that Autumn Dentistry in League City is known for is made possible thanks to our state-of-the-art technology. We believe that when we invest in certain technologies, then we are investing in your smile. Digital X-rays, intra-oral cameras, and ceiling television screens all contribute to exceptional dental care with optimal comfort. 

Autumn Family Dentistry Looks Forward To Being Your Top-Choice League City Dentist

When you’re in need of a dentist that can treat your entire family’s dental health concerns and ensure they all have good oral health, please don’t hesitate to request an appointment with us. Locally owned and operated, we have a passion for dental health and are eager to giving you a smile that you’re proud of.