diagram of wisdom tooth pushing up against other molars below the gumline

Our League City Dentist Explains What Wisdom Teeth Are

Wisdom teeth are molars that typically erupt in early adulthood, at around 17-21 years of age. Because they come in so much later than other teeth, they are notorious for causing problems when they make their first appearance, as many adults don’t have enough space for them without disrupting the existing teeth around them. For this reason, our League City dentist may recommend your wisdom teeth be extracted, or pulled, either before or shortly after they erupt. In this article, we’ll explain wisdom teeth and why our League City pediatric dentist may remove them.

Wisdom Teeth Explained by Our League City Dentist

Each adult typically has four wisdom teeth, two on the top of your mouth and two on the bottom. Interestingly enough, many adults are missing their wisdom teeth, but those who do have them will often be required to have them removed. This is because many adult mouths simply do not have room to support these molars, especially since they make their first appearance much later than other adult teeth and after orthodontic treatment, like braces, has occurred.

Reasons Our League City Kids Dentist May Remove Wisdom Teeth

Given the aforementioned issues regarding proper space for wisdom teeth to come in without affecting existing molars, it’s common for our League City dentist to extract them to prevent these problems. Other reasons our League City pediatric dentist may recommend wisdom teeth extraction are as follows:

  • Damage to surrounding teeth
  • Infection or cavities
  • Presence of cysts
  • Bone loss 

All of these potential problems could cause significant long-term damage to the teeth, gums, and jaw, so removal is typically the best precaution against further risk.

What To Expect from Wisdom Teeth Extraction

If our League City dentist has recommended you or your child’s wisdom teeth be removed, the procedure usually takes one of two forms:

  • Non-surgical extraction: if your wisdom teeth are above the gumline, a simple extraction is possible. In this procedure, our League City dentist numbs the area surrounding the tooth or teeth and then wiggles them loose before removing them with forceps. 
  • Surgical extraction: For wisdom teeth that haven’t erupted yet and still sit below the gumline, surgical extraction may be necessary. This process begins with anesthesia that will allow you to fall asleep before our League City pediatric dentist cuts the gum open to access the tooth so it can be removed. 

Both surgical and nonsurgical extraction of wisdom teeth are safe and common procedures. You may experience discomfort while the gums heal, but most patients are able to return to their regular activities the following day. Painkillers, either prescribed by our League City dentist or over-the-counter, will alleviate any lingering discomfort or soreness.

Trust Our League City Dentist with Your Wisdom Teeth Extraction

If you believe you or your child may need wisdom teeth extracted, schedule an appointment with our League City family dentist. We’ll provide a thorough dental exam to determine the best course of treatment for each individual patient and ensure your comfort throughout. Don’t put off this important preventative measure and risk more significant problems down the road.