Pumpkin basket with candy

Our League City Dentist Can Help You Avoid Cavities This Halloween

The fall season is such a great time to create family memories and traditions, such as pumpkin carving, costume parties, and, of course, trick-or-treating. But considering the sugar content of all that candy can be harmful to your child’s teeth, it’s also a good time to visit our League City family dentist and learn about ways to avoid cavities this Halloween. We all want to keep the traditions alive for our families without having to sacrifice their healthy, beautiful smiles. 

Our League City Pediatric Dentist’s Tips to Avoid Cavities

No matter the time of year, proper brushing, flossing, and regular visits to our League City dentist are the best way to avoid cavities. But with the added stress of sugary treats during the month of October, there are some additional suggestions to keep your family’s teeth healthy and strong:

Enjoy Candy and Sugary Snacks in Moderation

It’s hard to avoid the indulgence of candy and other junk food on holidays like Halloween, so if you and your family decide to trick-or-treat and enjoy the neighborhood haul, do so in moderation. Candy isn’t just bad for our teeth, but also our bodies. 

Avoid Excessively Sticky or Hard Candy

If you do decide to indulge in candy this Halloween, there are still certain items that should be avoided entirely. Hard candy, if chewed, can crack or chip already weakened teeth, and super-sticky candy can pull existing fillings from teeth. Further, sticky and hard candies are not recommended if your child wears dental braces.

Brush and Floss Immediately After Consuming Candy

The longer sugar sits on our teeth, the more it can eat away at your enamel, which is what can cause cavities. It’s important to brush teeth immediately after consuming sugary items in order to remove sugar from the tooth’s surface and keep it strong and healthy. The same goes for flossing, as candy can easily become lodged in between teeth and create decay. 

Use a Fluoridated Mouthwash

After brushing and flossing teeth, a fluoridated mouthwash can not only help clear any remaining debris but also strengthen teeth thanks to the added fluoride. 

Maintain Regular Dental Check-ups With Our League City Family Dentist

Twice-yearly visits to our League City dentist are the best way to prevent cavities, as professional cleanings and fluoride treatments strengthen and protect you and your family’s teeth.

Our League City Family Dentist Can Prevent and Treat Cavities 

The above suggestions can protect your teeth from decay and hopefully keep cavities at bay, but sometimes our League City dentist still finds cavities that need to be treated. If that’s the case, our team of family-friendly dental professionals will fill your or your child’s cavity in our office by first applying a numbing medicine to the tooth and gums in order to ensure comfort during the procedure. Then, our League City dentists will use a small drill to remove the decay from the tooth before applying the filling, which will protect the tooth and prevent further issues. 

Call Our League City Pediatric Dentist to Schedule Your Child’s Checkup Before Halloween

If you want to make sure your child’s teeth are strong and healthy before they indulge in the candy and sugary treats they’re bound to see this Halloween, call us today to schedule an appointment. At Autumn Family Dentistry, we are proud of our commitment to you and your entire family’s oral health. We have convenient locations throughout the area, featuring modern technology and comfortable amenities that make it easy for our patients to maintain a happy, healthy smile.